Internal regulations

I. Customer Presentation

FARE TIAIA reserves the right to refuse customers whose attire is indecent and neglected, customers displaying loud, improper, or intoxicated behavior, or behavior contrary to good morals and public order.

II. Check-in / Check-out

The bungalows are available from 2:00 PM every day of the week, Monday through Sunday. They must be vacated by 10:00AM on the day of departure. An identification card and a bank imprint may be requested from all room occupants. Please note that in case of departure beyond this time, an additional night will be charged to the customer.
If the customer wishes to keep the bungalow for an additional night, payment for the bungalow must be made before 11:00 AM, subject to availability.
Once your check-out is completed, and the key is returned, the customer will no longer have access to the room they occupied the previous day. Furthermore, the room is designed for a specific number of occupants to ensure the safety rules of the establishment. The customer must not host additional persons.
The customer must ensure that the bungalow door is closed before leaving or going to bed, as well as the entrance doors when not in use

III. Key Management

The bungalow key is a key that the guest keeps with them throughout their stay, allowing free access to their bungalow. However, it should not be entrusted to a third party. It is mandatory to return it on the day of departure at the latest by 10:00 am. In case of non-return, Fare Tiaia will charge 10,000 XPF and deduct the amount from the credit card provided during the reservation. In case of loss, the replacement will be charged at the current rate.

IV. Cleaning

The cleaning of the bungalows and the changing of sheets and towels are done every 3 days between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

V. Prohibitions

For security reasons and out of respect for everyone, smoking inside the bungalows is strictly prohibited. Smoking in the bungalow may result in an additional charge of 6,000 XPF per day and/or legal action.

VI. Damages and Disturbances

We kindly ask our guests to respect the premises and the decor of their bungalow. In case of any issues, the guest will be held responsible under civil liability. The same applies to the disappearance of towels, rugs, pillows, duvets, hairdryers, and any other equipment from the common kitchen, etc. Out of respect for other guests, please avoid making excessive noise, especially between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Any noise disturbance caused by an individual's behavior may lead the hotelier to ask that person to leave the establishment without the need for acoustic measurements, provided that the generated noise disrupts the tranquility of other guests (Art. R.1334-30 and R.1334-31 of the Public Health Code). The bungalows are a place of rest, and all commercial activities are strictly prohibited.

If the bungalow is left dirty, a supplement of 10,000 XPF will be charged to the client. Any other damage to the bungalow or common areas may also be charged to the client. Boomboxes and other portable speakers are not allowed on the premises.

VII. Responsibilities

Children are under the full responsibility of their parents. It is prohibited to leave them unsupervised in the bungalow. Any minor must be accompanied in the room by a responsible adult. Any damage or nuisance caused intentionally or unintentionally must be paid for by the person who reserved the room. Shouting is prohibited on the premises, day or night. Non-compliance with the regulations, safety and hygiene rules, and any damage or negligence that could result in direct or indirect harm to property, people, or future services, will result in your liability and will be billed. If you have any health issues (circulatory, cardiac, respiratory, allergies, asthma...) or if you are pregnant, please be sure to inform us. We decline all responsibility in case of loss or alteration of jewelry, cameras, phones, etc. We also decline all responsibility for physical damage related to the use of kitchen equipment, where children are not allowed for safety reasons.

VIII. Respect for the Premises (Hygiene and Safety Rules)

An appropriate attitude, characterized by restraint and discretion, is required to maintain the serenity of the premises. Failure to comply with hygiene and safety instructions will result in the immediate expulsion of anyone whose behavior violates these rules, without prior notice.

IX. Pets

Pets are not allowed.

X. Luggage

Fare Tiaia disclaims all liability for your luggage or items left in public areas. The internal regulations of Fare Tiaia apply to all customers and reservations. Any stay implies the client's acceptance of Fare Tiaia's internal regulations. In case of non-compliance by the client with any of these provisions, Fare Tiaia will be obliged to ask the client to leave the establishment without any compensation.

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