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I. Web Owner

- Titulaire du Web : Fare Tiaia
- Siège social : à venir
- Immatriculée : à venir
En adition du siège social, les utilisateurs disposent des canaux suivants pour adresser leurs demandes, questions ou réclamations:
- Formulaire de contact du web
- Email :
- Téléphone : +689 89 57 78 10

II. Reproduction Rights

This website is the exclusive property of Fare Tiaia Beach and is protected by copyright law, particularly under intellectual property law. All rights of reproduction or representation are reserved.

Any partial or total reproduction or representation of the information contained on the website, including photographic representations, on any medium, is not allowed without prior authorization obtained from Fare Tiaia Beach.

The reproduction of the texts on this site is authorized, subject to compliance with the following three conditions:
- Free distribution- Respect for the integrity of the reproduced documents: no modification or alteration of any kind.- Clear and readable citation of the source in the following form:This document comes from the website, reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited. (the website address must be included in the reference).

III. Hacking and Viruses

Fare Tiaia responsibility can never be sought in case of malfunctions or damages to the visitor's computer system resulting from hacking of its site or viruses transported without its knowledge or the knowledge of its technical partners.

IV. Development, Integration, Hosting, and Broadcasting

Ôora is a graphic and web design studio specializing in the creation of websites and web applications in Tahiti.
- Contact :

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